Throwing Progression

When we play catch to warm up, we will use this throwing progression. Each throw should be a “game throw” and made with a purpose. Point your shoulder, step and throw. Receive the ball with the throwing hand and glove in the “thumb to thumb” position and catch with two hands.


  • Begin with glove side shoulder pointed toward partner
  • Rotate and throw, finishing over front side
  • 10 throws at 20 feet

Rock & Fire

  • Begin with glove side shoulder facing partner
  • “Rock” weight onto back leg and “fire” weight into the throw onto front leg
  • 8 throws at 40 feet

Step & Throw

  • Start facing partner
  • Step into turn to get glove side shoulder to point to target and throw
  • 6 throws at 60 feet

Shuffle & Throw

  • Start turned with glove side shoulder facing partner
  • Replace feet (shuffle or crow hop) into throw
  • 4 throws at 80 feet

Long Toss

  • Face partner, move feet, replace feet into throw
  • Stay on top, keep ball on a line when throwing it
  • 2 throws at 100 feet

Players should continue to throw as the player in the outfield walks in.