Pregame Routine

  1. Batting Practice
    Batting Practice will usually consist of hitting practice balls in the outfield. If a batting cage is available, we may use that instead.
  2. Warm Up & Stretch
    Our warm up and stretch routine consists of form running and our stretching program.
  3. Throwing Progression
    All players will perform the throwing progression.
  4. Positions
    After the throwing progression, we will split into positions. Outfielders will take fly balls on our side of the outfield. Infielders will take ground balls in foul territory in front of our dugout. The starting pitcher and catcher will head to the bullpen to perform the pregame bullpen routine.
  5. Meeting
    After the position players get their work in and the starting pitcher completes the bullpen session, we will return to the dugout and prepare for the game. This time will be used to go over any last minute changes or information. Any extra time can be filled by playing pepper or taking some dry swings.