Form Running

Players line up along the foul line in the outfield. A coach will stand halfway between the foul line and second base. Players will perform each exercise from the foul line to the coach and back to the line.

  1. Knee Ups – Pull knees to chest as player walks
  2. Toe Touches – Hold arm out in front and kick leg straight out until hand touches toe as player walks
  3. High Knees – Raise the knees up high as the player jogs
  4. Butt Kicks – Player kicks himself in the posterior as he jogs
  5. Shuffle – Lateral movement staying square to designated end spot
  6. Power Skip – Skip as far and high as possible
  7. Backpedal – Lean forward and backpedal, keeping the head up and pumping the arms
  8. Sprint – Run keeping the head still pumping the arms