Swing Breakdown: Stance & Rhythm

Your batting stance and rhythm at the plate is the first stage of your swing mechanics. Some people would argue if this should actually be considered an actual stage of the hitting process. If you watch a Major League game, you will see many different batting stances, but the purpose of each is the same – staying relaxed and having rhythm at the plate.

If I see something drastically disturbing with your batting stance, I may make an adjustment. But for the most part, I really don’t care what you do to stay relaxed at the plate. I just want hitters to be comfortable in the batter’s box, relax and breathe. After this initial stage of the swing mechanics, all good hitters will get to a common point.

A rigid batting stance and stiff swing is a recipe for disaster. You must have rhythm in the batter’s box. Rhythm is the slight movement with the hands and/or feet that keeps you relaxed and ready to swing the bat. It helps you have quicker reactions which means you will make more frequent contact.