Quality At-Bats

Many people say that you can fail 70% of the time in baseball and be successful.  The thinking behind that statement is that 3 hits in 10 ten at-bats makes you a .300 hitter.  That problem is that it only counts getting a base hit as being successful.

Let’s say you are up to bat with one out and a runner on third base.  You ground out to the second baseman and the run scores.  As a coach, I definitely consider that a quality at-bat and successful trip to the plate.

I set a team goal of 14 quality at-bats per six inning game.  What are some ways to achieve a quality at-bat?

  • base hit
  • hit by pitch
  • base on balls
  • sacrifice bunt
  • sacrifice fly
  • suicide squeeze bunt
  • reach base on an error
  • move a runner to 3rd base with less than 2 outs
  • score a runner from 3rd base
  • 6 pitch (or more) at-bat