Thanks, Captain Obvious

I have seen and heard a lot of ridiculous things over the years while coaching and umpiring youth baseball games.  The overwhelming majority of which come from the mouths of adults.  I will list two of the most cringeworthy examples of “baseball wisdom” and beg you to never say these things to your child.

  1. “Just throw strikes!”  Just once, I would like to see a kid step off the pitching rubber and ask the genius offering up the advice to come out and give it a go.  The kid is standing in one of the most lonely spots in all of sports.  He is the pitcher and everyone has their eyes on him.  The game cannot start until he throws the ball.  Don’t you think he is trying to throw strikes?
  2. “Get a hit!”  Really?  Are you sure?  Thanks, Captain Obvious.  I would have never known you wanted me to get a hit if you hadn’t just shouted it out as I stepped in the box.  I can just imagine a youngster’s mind when their parent or coach starts barking out this type of expert analysis as they try to do the hardest thing in all of sports.

Do the young players a favor and don’t shout out these ridiculous statements.  Please, do it for the children.