I Hate This Time Of Year

It seems to begin earlier and earlier each season.  Some parents begin to separate themselves into groups.  The whispers are aplenty.  You can feel the tension and anxiety.  All travel baseball teams go through it and it all comes down to one question.

What about next year?

Some parents love the team and are hoping their son is asked to return next season.  Some parents have blinders on when it comes to their son’s playing ability and are looking for what they perceive to be a better opportunity.  Some parents and coaches may agree that the team just isn’t a good fit for the player.

The coach feels the anxiety as well.  If a family wants to leave the team, he will wonder what he did wrong and why that family didn’t have a good experience.  There is the pressure to improve the team by finding new players to join the families that will be staying around.  The absolute worst part of the entire process is cutting a kid.

As hard as it is on the parents, I am sure the kids feel the most pressure.  During a tryout, hopefully, the kids are not trying to impress their parents.  I don’t even think they should try to impress the coach.  Kids should just go out and play the game during a tryout the same way you should play it everyday – have fun and give your best effort.

So, as a person who has been on every end of the tryout process (parent, coach and player), I would advise you to just relax.  If your son loves the game and hustles all the time, he will find a place to play.  If your son is currently on a team, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  Switching teams can be tough on a youngster.  Have several conversations with those involved before making any hasty decisions.  Always remember, this is ALL ABOUT THE BOYS.