Regular Tee Drill

This drill can also be called the “Location Tee Drill” because you move the location of the tee.  It is the most basic tee drill I have kids do, but also the most important.  This is a drill you will be doing for the rest of your baseball life.

As with any drill, have a plan.  Don’t just put a ball on the tee and start hacking away.  Know and really understand what you are working on.  Slow things down and get back to basics.  Make every swing perfect every time.

Address home plate as you would during a regular at-bat.  Do not change your batting stance or where you stand in the box.  The tee will be moving, not you.

The picture below shows where to place the tee for a right handed batter.  A lefty would simply reverse Figure 1 and Figure 3.  Take 3 swings at each position (9 total).  Your goal is to hit a line drive.

  1. Practice hitting the outside pitch
  2. Practice for a pitch down the middle
  3. Practice hitting the inside pitch