Keys to Success

There is no excuse for a lack of hustle on the baseball field.  Always remember that if you don’t run to your position, somebody else will.

  • run on and off the field
  • hit a ball in play (no matter where or how hard)
  • hit a foul ball (let the umpire make the call)
  • receive a base on balls
  • get hit by a pitch
  • strike out
  • field a ball (hit to or nearby)
  • back up teammates
  • run the bases

Awareness is an essential characteristic to a successful player.  You should be aware of the situation at all times.

  • number of outs
  • runners on base
  • the count
  • the score
  • how the opposing pitcher is doing
  • where the batter tends to hit the ball
  • where you should back up
  • what you should do with the ball
  • who hits next
  • who has the ball

Mental toughness is the key to dealing with adversity, whether it be within your own team or opponent.  Teams that keep their composure will have the most success.

  • get hurt (not injured)
  • team or you succeed
  • team or you fail
  • team has the lead
  • team is behind
  • there are distractions
  • you are in the spotlight
  • you are at the plate
  • you are in the field